Our Company

"Total Client Service"

Functional Services, Inc. (FSI) is a wholly-owned Filipino corporation organized to provide a broad range of services to the burgeoning economy of the Philippines on its way to NIC-hood. Initially organized in 1958 to satisfy the need of industrial security, the company expanded slowly to its present annual eight figure sales level and manpower complement of over 4,000 work force. It now caters to the international labor market and is now ready to go global.
The goal which guides the major policies of FSI is the conversion of relatively unskilled young men and women into skilled, effective work forces specialized in a wide range of "functional" services. Underlying this major policy is the conviction that the greatest resource of the country is its manpower and that the unemployed represent the most irreplaceable loss of wealth to our society.

The following services have emerged from the conversion process developed through painstaking planning and decision-making of almost two decades. Operating under a concept of "Total Client Service", FSI successfully provides the expertise needed by clients -- expertise which is continually fine-tuned, upgraded and improved to forge ahead of industries' dynamics and progress. This flexibility enables us to anticipate changing client needs and implement the latest innovative practices to keep up with the changes characteristic of modern organizations.


Services Offered

  • Providing & supplying professional, skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled services
  • Providing labor to any person, firm, corporation or association in any kind of business
  • Own & operate an educational establishment or school for the education and training of manpower and labor pools
  • Manpower recruitment & placement services (Local / Overseas)


  • Project Studies
  • Feasibility Studies


  • Auditing Services
  • Bookkeeping


Allied Services


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Building, Ground & Lawn Maintenance
  • Environmental Sanitation Enforcement Services


  • Motorized
  • Foot
  • In-House
  • Document Delivery Security


  • Security Guards
  • Supervisory
  • Managerial
  • Maritime