Our Company

SIMBA-DAC Solutions, Inc. is a wholly-owned Filipino corporation and a proud member of the TAMARAW GROUP OF COMPANIES, organized to provide a broad range of business-related general services to the burgeoning needs of the growing industrial & commercial sectors of the Philippines, particularly in Metropolitan Manila.

SIMBA-DAC Solutions, Inc. dynamically addresses the expanding needs of our clientele. The goal, which inspires SIMBA-DAC’s major policies, is the conversion of relatively unskilled young men and women into a capable and effective work force specialized in a wide-range of "General Services".

SIMBA-DAC Solutions, Inc. has thrived and developed from the conversion process through the incorporators and managers of TAMARAW Conglomerate's painstaking planning and decision-making. Under the concept of "TOTAL CLIENT SERVICE," SIMBA-DAC Solutions, Inc. has effectively provided the expertise needed by its growing clientele.

SIMBA-DAC Solutions, Inc. has incorporated in its services a broad range of equipment that will reduce valuable working time but still guarantee a thorough and complete service.

SIMBA-DAC Solutions, Inc. has made a commitment to refine, improve, and upgrade its services to attain flexibility to anticipate the ever-changing character of future and modern business organizations.




  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential & Residential Buildings
  • Environment Sanitation Enforcement Services
  • Building Ground & Lawn Maintenance


  • Motorized
  • Foot
  • In House
  • Document Delivery Security


  • Encoder
  • Telephone Operator
  • General Clerk
  • Factory Worker
  • Driver
  • Waite
  • Bartender
  • and other related services